About Mishi

Welcome to A Succulent Life! We are dedicated to creating an authentically happy life for ourselves and are sharing that journey with you!

Mishi’s Story

Once upon a time I was unhappy. I was homeless, I was disabled, I had no job prospects and no hope. There I was, a disabled veteran, living out my days bouncing from one place to the next. It was, for the most part, pretty depressing. I moved from one friend’s couch to another until I found a program where people believed in me. It is now 6 years later as of this writing. That program changed my life.


Helping Others Find Happiness

People often ask me how I can do it? I am rarely in a bad mood and nearly never depressed. I do not take any medications for anxiety or otherwise, and even though I have my share of health problems, I do not let them get me down.

So, what is the secret? I’ve found that first and foremost, giving back to a community of people like disabled veterans by sharing my methods increases my happiness exponentially. Sharing and listening to each other’s stories of how we overcome such debilitating diseases like PTSD is inspiring. I’m also a “stay at home” person as I have been deemed “unemployable” by the VA, so I can relate to the frustrations and the tediousness of house work from that perspective as well.


What Can You Expect to Find Here?

As I’m slowly learning my way around WordPress, you can expect that navigating around will get easier as time goes on, for one! Mostly though I will be providing inspiration in the form of meditations, weekly challenges, crafty projects, household hacks, and legitimate ways to earn a little extra income.

It’s a never ending quest to make my life as full and happy as possible. I hope you will take this journey with me.

Have a Succulent Day!