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Art Journal Challenge: Week One

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to get started with my weekly art journal challenge! I’m really excited to start this new project. For my journal, I have chosen a watercolor hardcover journal that is in a landscape format.  This is the Global Art Materials “travelogue handbook”. I like it because it’s small enough to fit in my purse but, because of the format, large enough to be loose in my drawing or paintings. It also has a gorgeous linen cover and a pocket on the inside back cover. I also used to subscribe to Sketchbox, a monthly box with art goodies inside! I decided to use a little watercolor sampler I received in one of my boxes and a couple of brushes I had in my collection.

Week one supplies

Today’s Topic: The Road to Happiness

What is your road to happiness? Is it a meandering road through the woods? Perhaps it is a bridge over a stream. Mine is a grassy path through hills, with happy, vibrant clouds and flowers.

Whatever your path, remember that it leads to happiness, so when you are choosing your colors for today’s page, pick colors that sing to you. Fill up your page with these colors. Don’t worry about being neat. This is just a background. Splash some color around and see what develops. There is no wrong or right, just you and your page and color.

Here is my page with my initial washes. Notice that my page is curling a bit. I usually don’t worry about it much. If you want to avoid curling like this, you can tape down the edges. I find that they flatten out as they dry enough for my purposes.

week one wash

It’s All in the Details

Remember, this is your art journal. You might be using pens, crayons, pencils, or anything else for color. The only thing, if I were to put requirements on the pages, is that this week you use colors that bring you happiness. I will be having monochrome pages, but since this is the beginning of a new journal, I decided that color was important.

Now that you have your background down, do you see a place to put your road? Is it a literal road or only suggested? Perhaps your road is a giant spiral, or maybe it’s a scribble. What other details are there? Is it nighttime? Are there stars? Clouds? A happy little sun like we used to draw in grade school? Add your details, as many as you like,

A Space to Write

This is a journal, so be sure to leave yourself some space, either that n the margins, or in your design, to write. When I was creating my page, I thought I’d paint what I had to say. Handwriting with a brush is not my strong suit so I blended the paint into the background and added a cloud (a very colorful cloud!) to write on.

space to write

Journal Prompt

My journal prompt this week is “The Road to Happiness is…” and you fill in the blank. It can be one word, it can be a small essay. Whatever you are feeling, however many words you need, just write. Today is the first day on this road. How do you feel? Are you excited? Nervous? (Blank pages can be unnerving!)


Share Your Journal Adventure

If you’d like to share, feel free to email me a picture of your completed journal page and I will add it to the wall!

Thank you for taking this adventure with me! Next week we will be exploring further down the road. I hope to see you there!





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2 thoughts on “Art Journal Challenge: Week One

  1. Nice article on the art journal I really did enjoy reading it and can see how this would bring me some happiness. I have always loved drawing pictures and scribbling things down on some loose leaf, but I have never thought about actually getting a journal until now. I think that I will be purchasing one and begin my journey.
    Thanks for the info,

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