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Fun Succulent Planters Ideas

Succulents are not picky when it comes to where you put their soil! As long as there is good drainage or you can curtail your need to water every day, just about anything goes. Here are a few succulent planters ideas to spark your creativity.

The Tried and True

Nothing is wrong with terra cotta planters. They come in a lot of sizes and are readily available in most gardening sections of your local stores. As soon as your baby succulents outgrow their old homes, you have ready access to the next size. You can ever use the plastic pots if you are in a pinch. They sometimes even come in bright colors, textures, and fun patterns. However, you are a creative soul (or you know a creative soul)! You do not have to put up with the same boring pots that the store thinks you want!

You can paint your pots to match your decor with just about any kind of paint. I try to keep my paint only on the outside because I just don’t know if the chemicals from the paint are going to seep into my soil. It’s usually a good idea to seal your masterpieces with an outdoor sealant. Some brands even have UV protection which will help with fading. Krylon is a good brand that I have used with great results in the past.

You can also go crazy with gluing things onto your pots. If your plants are going to be indoors only, you can create a fun nautical theme by hot gluing a rope coil around the outside of your pot, and then embellishing with a starfish and other shells, for example. Imagine if you will: a pot covered in pom poms in bright colors to sit on a kitchen window sill. Have a disco dance party by gluing mirrored tiles to your pots!

If you have children, let them decorate their own pot. Succulents are very forgiving and are easy for children to take care of. It can be a fun family activity. Set up your art supplies, provide supervision, and let them go to town.

Terrariums and Fairy Gardens

Because succulents are so forgiving, you can turn miniature cuttings into little scenic wonders with the right container and some miniature props. Imagine decorating a tiny version of your own larger succulent collection! Don’t feel limited to what is available in the “fairy garden” section! Do a search online for miniatures and you’ll find that anything you can imagine has been shrunk down into delightfully tiny versions! (Can you tell I am kind of a miniature fan?)

Glass Terrariums can be a beautiful centerpiece in your home. However, care must be taken to not over water your succulents in these containers as there is no drainage. Try to be sure your succulents roots are completely dry before watering and even then only water sparingly. One plant that does well in glass environments is the air plant. They require no water at all!

The Living Painting

One thing I haven’t tried but plan on doing is planting some succulents in a vertical planter. Vertical planters hang on your wall and have a mesh that you poke your succulents through into the soil. I am really intrigued by the thought of living, growing art so I will have an article (with a lot of pictures!) when I finally do this. I just really love the way that they look online! Of course, as we all know, usually the professional pictures and reality are two entirely different things!

There are another type of vertical planter which has pockets that hangs on your wall. I have no experience with these either. I have heard of people planting things other than succulents in them such as herbs. I have also read reviews that these are prone to leaking and spilling soil out of the pockets. I am not sure I want to try one of these in the house but it might be a good project for the back deck in the spring.

Unexpected and Fun

I’ll bet that you have some unused vase, an old cookie jar, some weird cow shaped creamer you bought when you were into cows, or an old art school pottery project from a child that you really didn’t want to keep but couldn’t bear to throw away. ANYTHING can be made into a succulent container.

Favorite teacup gets chipped? Put some soil in there and pop in a cactus. An old wooden box from who knows when that’s been sitting in your garage forever? Line it with some of that weed killer mesh and plant away. OR you could arrange smaller pots in a larger container. That’s right! Containers in containers. What a rebel I am.

Again, I have to emphasize that even though anything will work as a container, remember that succulents don’t like to sit in water. Yes, plant away but keep in mind that if there is no drainage hole or the material isn’t porous, then you either need to make a drainage hole or curtail your need to water daily.

I am now imagining a pair of those old bronzed baby shoes that every parent used to have with tiny little cuttings planted in there as a baby shower gift. How cute would that be?

Even More Ideas to Come!

I am trying to update as often as possible to keep fresh ideas coming. I am also planning on starting a section on succulent identification. Let’s face it, a lot of us do not know what kind of succulents have been gifted to us or bought simply marked as “succulent”. I am on a mission to identify all of mine and will share my knowledge as I figure out what I have growing in my pots.

Things to look forward to: making your own succulent soil, all about aloes, propagating your succulents (getting more plants for free!), problem succulents and how to fix them, lots of pictures, lots of my humor and links to the products that I use.

Until next time, keep those ideas coming! Be inspired! Be creative! And always be succulent!

Much love!


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  1. These are some very creative creative ways for planting in a decorative manner. Although there are different ways to show off your plants with decorative pots, you have to consider the health of the plant itself. I see your suggestions all of this covered. Thanks for sharing

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