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New Succulents and Update on Cuttings

I have a lot of pictures to share! First of all, I got my replacement cuttings from Fat Plants (click to see my review) and they look amazing!

new cuttings

Here they are in the planter with some already established plants.

planted cuttings

Most of all, I am excited about this next series of pictures. These are my own personal cuttings from leaves I managed to save from my last failed plants!!! I’m such a proud succulent mama!

cutting one

cutting two

cutting three

Overall, I’d say my succulents are wintering well and with all this new growth I see going on, spring has to be just around the corner! I think I might even get some flowers this year! I will update as new developments happen. We just had a pretty significant snow here in Michigan over the past couple of days, so signs of new life gives me hope that the snow will end someday and my plants will be able to go outside soon.

If they keep growing like this, I’m going to have to separate them into their own planters!

Until next time, stay warm!


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