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Samsung Steam Dryer Review: DV42H5200EP

DV42H5200EP Samsung Steam Dryer Review

Name: Samsung 7.5-cu ft Electric Dryer with Steam
Website: Home Depot
Price: $597.60
Manufacturer: Samsung
Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 stars

DV42H5200EP Overview

I, like most people, really enjoy clean clothes. There is nothing I love more than fresh sheets that have a lingering clean smell to snuggle into at night, or the joy of warm fuzzy socks on a winter morning. I am not a laundromat kind of gal. I like having the option to just throw a load of laundry in, first thing in the morning and have clean clothes available at my convenience.

This particular model of a Samsung Steam Dryer is, at first glance, a great product and mine served me well for a couple of years. The stainless exterior matched the rest of my appliances and has a sleek, modern look. There are many settings for almost every drying need in the home. The lint trap is easily accessible inside the round glass door. This is a front loader and has plenty of room at 7.5 cubic feet to dry comforters and other bedding. It also has steam for a wrinkle free wardrobe.

The Good:

Stainless Steel Finish: this looks spectacular and is easy to keep clean. It also has been extremely durable for me as far as dents and scrapes. The exterior looks like a high end machine at a fraction of the cost.

All of the Settings: your settings include delicates, perm press, sanitize, bedding, heavy duty, normal, quick dry, timed dry, refresh, and wrinkle away. Of these settings, six (delicates, perm press, sanitize, bedding, refresh, and wrinkle away) offer steam options as well. These settings are only a starting point, they are also customizable from the touch pad as far as temperature, time, and dry level.

Big Capacity: At 7.5 cubic feet, this dryer has a capacity that would do well for a family. It handles comforters and your bedding with ease and the front loader makes it convenient and easy to remove your dry clothes at the end of cycle.

The Bad:

Support: OK, I get that companies, especially big ones like Samsung, outsource their call centers and you may sometimes get someone who does not speak your native language well. However, when you get transferred to three different people who all ask you the same question and they have just as hard of a time understanding you as you do them, there might be a slight problem. My dryer quit drying and I was told to call Samsung for customer service. I did. I had to recite my model number and serial number more times than I care to think. When they finally told me that I was who I said I was, they said they would have a service guy come to my house within a week. A week went by, nothing. I called them back. They gave me a number so I could call myself. They don’t service my area. Called them back. They told me that they could do nothing for me because my warranty expired…a week prior to my phone call. That’s right. AFTER I originally called.

The Breakdown: So, my dryer just stopped drying. No warning, no real reason. I kept it maintained and it worked brilliantly for the time I had it. My boyfriend (Disclaimer: his job is troubleshooting electrical for a living, so yeah, not just some random person with no training) and I had to download a manual online because the information that came with the dryer was, well, useless. I knew how to check if the filter was clogged! Anyway, this manual goes through the process of how to get an error code. We go through the process and YAY! We found an error code! We look at the handy chart which lists all of the codes. This particular code, which my dryer is now blinking merrily at me, does not exist. I’m not talking about just in the manual…it does not exist. I googled it. NOPE. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Which leads me to:

Parts? None For You! After that, we had to go online and look up YouTube videos of how to test every single part in the dryer by ripping its guts out. We (by we, I mean my awesome boyfriend) finally figured out that the control panel had gone bad. Specifically, there was a relay in the control panel that had gone bad but, Samsung, in their wisdom, put a coat of gunk over the entire control panel so that the individual components are nearly impossible to replace. No problem. Just buy a new control panel, slap that baby in and away we go with clean laundry again, right?

Nope. All the nope. So much nope!

We ordered it, not once, not twice, but three (almost four!) times from different companies who were happy to take our money but declined to tell us that the item was on back order…and likely would be on back order…forever. You see, Samsung is still selling this dryer, and the control board in question is also used in other products. They pretty much keep all the parts for manufacturing and do not send out parts for, I don’t know, fixing their damn machines when they inevitably break. Nothing lasts forever except in fantasy land, where apparently Samsung thinks we consumers live. Of course, if we can’t get a part, we’ll buy a brand new dryer, right?

Absolutely! But not from Samsung. Ever again.

Who is This Dryer For?

Families who wash and dry a lot of laundry at home but don’t mind buying a new one every couple of years.

Dryer Pricing

At $597.50, the pricing is middle of the road. It’s not cheap, but it’s not super high end either. With the features you get for this price, I would consider it a good bargain if it had lasted past it’s warranty date, especially in the stainless steel finish.

My Final Opinion of DV42H5200EP

Before you buy any large appliance, do your research. I’m writing this as a warning about my own experience. Your experience may vary. However I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this particular product, or any Samsung product after the lack of quality customer service, confusing codes, and lack of replacement parts.

VERDICT: Thumbs All the Way Down


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