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Secret of a Happy Life

I can honestly say that I am a happy person and I have had friends, family, and acquaintances ask me, “How do you do it? What is the secret of a happy life”?

My formula may be different from other methods you may have heard about. There is no magic bullet, nor are there shortcuts. Happiness requires a bit of effort but with my method, it seems rather effortless. It boils down to four main categories: having a peaceful environment at home, having a hobby that fulfills and sustains you, learning to be spiritually connected, and having a little extra income to supplement it all.

The Zenful Home

I cannot relax in chaos. I need my environment to be somewhat organized and neat to truly feel at peace when I’m at home. This, of course, means the bane of everyone’s home life: housework. For me that also means using products that I make myself with natural ingredients. It means incorporating color and plants into my living environment. It means being in tune with the seasons and planting good things to eat (and then eating them after harvesting or canning to save for later).

In the coming days, I’ll share some of my favorite recipes and techniques for keeping an organized home without a lot of hassle. Don’t worry! Once you make something a habit, it comes naturally and you will find yourself breezing through housework with time to spare. Making something a habit requires a good deal of discipline and it takes about two months to become ingrained. However, once a good habit is in place, it’s easy to stay on track. Look for home tips on Wednesdays.

Crafty Living

My hobbies vary from week to week and month to month. For example, I do not like spinning yarn in the summer because the wool makes me sweaty. I don’t like doing my alcohol ink paintings in the winter because of my methods (which involve fire) are really more of an outdoor activity.

However, there is a year long activity that brings a lot of joy into my life and I am going to bring some interactivity to my site by inviting you all to partake in a weekly challenge. I’m talking about keeping an art journal! What is nice about an art journal is it can be whatever you want it to be. You really do not need artistic “talent” to keep an art journal. Each week I will post a topic and share my journal layout for the week with tips and tricks to create your own. Your journal can be as personal (or not!) as you like but you are always invited to share if you wish! Challenges will be posted every Monday.

Connecting to Spirit

I truly believe that when I am connected to something beyond myself, my life goes swimmingly well. Here at A Succulent Life, we are all encompassing of all beliefs and have chosen to use the word “Spirit” as our word for the divine. You are free to substitute whatever word or name YOU are most comfortable with. I believe that all belief systems are as true and powerful as those who believe in them think they are.

Spirituality is a powerful thing. Those things that we truly believe can become as real as we let them become! I, personally, relate most to the Pagan ways. However, I have friends who come from many, many religious backgrounds and we all get along just fine. It isn’t the label so much that is important rather than the fact that we connect to a Higher Power. In the coming weeks, I will talk about the importance of rituals and meditation and how these things create a happiness from within. Friday’s posts will be spiritual in nature with a meditation to start things off and a topic for consideration.

How to Affiliate 101

If you had told me prior to starting this journey that I could ever speak with authority on how to make money at home, I would have said “yeah right! Been there, tried that, it’s all a scam!” And then I discovered a website that completely changed my way of thinking. Wealthy Affiliate has really opened my mind on how to create a successful website within my niche. There is so much training, SO MUCH TRAINING. I cannot even tell you how many programs I started and failed due to lack of training.

But I think my favorite part of Wealthy Affiliate is the community. Unlike other sites which boost their profit by pitting members against each other (think of the many consultant type of programs out there!), members on WA are some of the friendliest, most helpful folks I could hope to have in my corner. Not only that but their arsenal of tools for member is beyond outstanding. Their tech support is extremely responsive with answers within minutes. Yes, I said minutes. What they have built here is nothing short of amazing and I’m happy to be associated with these fine folks. I could go on forever, but I’ll save some of that for later posts that will be available every other Saturday.

Happiness IS Obtainable and Sustainable!

in a nutshell, that’s what A Succulent Life is all about. When I started out, I thought I was going to be building a site all about succulents. However, as my knowledge progressed, I realized that succulents are a wonderful metaphor for how to live a happy life. Succulents are hardy because they dig roots not only to nourish themselves but to keep themselves stable when the rains hit. They also have broad, fat leaves that sustain them in times of drought. Those facts turned into the seeds of what I hope this website can become: a program for happiness that keeps you rooted in times of trouble, that nourishes your soul, and sustains you when life gets a little dry.

Until next time, here is to our successes in life!

Stay succulent!



2 thoughts on “Secret of a Happy Life

  1. I love how you have combined ideas like spirituality right alongside things like affiliate marketing! Most things we do in life have the potential to bring happiness if we do them right, and I think it’s important not to be overly reliant on either spirituality or temporal means; they’re both best used in harmony.

    1. Thank you, Danny! I believe that one of the keys to a happy life is a well rounded life. It’s a journey and one that I am happy to share with others

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