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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate a scant few weeks ago, I was completely new and came upon them quite by accident. I had been researching whether another completely unrelated company was a scam and saw a review, quite like this one. What did I discover? The following is my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate Breakdown

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website:
  • Price: 5 out of 5
  • Training: 4.5 out of 5
  • Support: 5 out of 5
  • Tools: 4.5 out of 5
  • Community: 5 out of 5

A Succulent Life Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Can You Really Get Quality Training For Free?

Yes! Yes, you can! You can sign up as a Starter and get the first module of training for completely free. There is no pressure to join as a premium member if you aren’t ready. My advice is to do what I did and sign up for free to test the waters. See if Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you. You get live support in a wonderful community of people free for the first 7 days. You receive not one, but two, websites to build your brand. You receive access to tools to help build your website from scratch. And if you decide not to go premium? No problem! You still get to keep your two websites and use the tools included in the starter package! Forever!

I decided after trying it out to go premium and I am currently a premium member. As a premium member, you get unlimited access to live support, a quite a few other perks. The price for all of this is only $49 a month. Compare that to average web hosting services which offer a lot less, little to no training, and sometimes slow technical support. Even without all the other perks, this is a bargain for hosting alone!

Here is a graphic showing the comparison between the Starter package and the Premium.

Wealthy Affiliate Comparison

What Kinds of Training Can You Expect?

The owners, Kyle and Carson, have put together step by step instruction including video tutorials in each lesson. Each lesson walks you through a step to create a successful affiliate website. Even if you don’t want to be an affiliate, this training can help you! It explains in detail how to set your website up for SEO (search engine optimization) in a way that isn’t too technical so even people like me (not all that techy/programmer) can understand how and why to use SEO effectively. I especially like that there are mini “goals” within each lesson to check off as you go along. This has helped me immensely to stay on track.

There are also classrooms with tutorials and advice from other members. Stuck on trying to figure out the basics of WordPress? There is a classroom for that. Need advice on finding your niche? There is a classroom for that. Just about any information you might need is always readily available at your fingertips.

If you are ready to take the plunge into affiliate marketing and have decided that Wealthy Affiliate is worth telling your audience about (just like I am doing now!) There is even yet MORE training in the Affiliate Bootcamp section! This is full of great information specific to the Wealthy Affiliate program.

I have to be honest, there is so much training here that I doubt I will even scratch the surface of it, and that is perfectly okay! You can pick and choose which training content is relevant to YOU and YOUR branding. If there is a downside to the training, that is it. There is SO much information that at times I have been overwhelmed.

The Kind of Support You’ve Dreamed Of!

Have you ever waited for someone to answer a support ticket, clicking refresh on your email over and over in hope that someone will finally answer your question that you needed an answer to…yesterday? We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating when something isn’t working and your tech guys are on a lunch break.

Let me tell you about the tech support at Wealthy Affiliate. So far I’ve had a couple of issues. I was trying, unsuccessfully, to install a theme on my WordPress site to no avail. I opened up a ticket with tech support and prepared to wait it out. It wasn’t even 5 minutes later and they had already answered and were trying to help me! I have *never* dealt with tech support that was so completely patient (as I said, I’m not a programmer. Code and I are not friends!) and attentive!

Even when it was user error, they didn’t make me feel like I was wasting their time. I was having trouble logging into my email and was frustrated. Within minutes, I had an explanation that I had accidentally put a space in my password! No judgment from them! I cannot tell you how many “tech support” people have been outright rude to me either over the phone or in text. This is so not the case at Wealthy Affiliate!
Speaking of support leads me to my next point: the community!

Community Matters

Let’s say you have a non-technical question. You’ve been burning through your lessons and something isn’t clear to you. There is a whole community of people who are willing to answer those questions! Click on “Live Chat” at any time and you will find someone online. You can also post directly on the lesson that is giving you issue and someone will likely answer within minutes! No question related to your website is off limits here. Do you need an opinion on color schemes? Do you want to run your next great idea past a few people before committing to it? The community, in my opinion, is really the backbone of Wealthy Affiliates. You never feel alone!

Another thing I really appreciate about this community is that it is set up in a way that is non-competitive. I have tried doing direct sales and while sometimes the advice you get is okay, you always get the nagging feeling that your competition wants you to fail because it means more direct sales for them. It’s sad but true. I could go on for days about awful competitiveness in certain direct sales but this isn’t about them!

Every person here is working their own program at their own pace. If you use the tools and training to your advantage, nobody here is your direct competition! Instead, you have a group of people who are your cheerleaders and who are on the same path as you. I’ve seen so much positive interaction between members that I am proud to say I am a part of that.

Quality Tools For Success

Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of “perks” that come from being a member. You receive an array of tools to help build your website, access to a feedback system for your posts and pages, and even keyword and niche research for building your brand.

  • Site Rubix – the Site Rubix suite enables you to do a lot of things in one package. There is a site manager which keeps track of your individual websites, a site builder which will help you build a site from scratch, a content writing platform with helpful templates that allows you to publish directly to WordPress with the formatting you see on the screen, access to your email, access to feedback on your pages, support, and even domain services for registering your own domain.
  • WordPress – with a variety of themes, you don’t have to make your content look like everyone else! With Wealthy Affiliate, WordPress is included in your membership. I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress but that is just personal taste and a lack of wanting to learn it as well as I should. It really is an amazing tool. Let’s not forget the array of plug-ins that help you do pretty much whatever you want to do on your website! I should really try to make up with WordPress and give it a fair chance!
  • Jaaxy – Jaaxy is a nice surprise mixed in with the rest. Jaaxy is a platform to research keywords and niches and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve used it. It looks at Google, Bing, and Yahoo for you and gives you back a result that shows you how many people are searching for that particular term, how many websites are using that keyword, and suggestions for similar keywords. This is a task that used to take hours and hours of research that is now readily available with a couple of clicks!

Closing Thoughts

I wish I could tell you that once I enrolled up I immediately started raking in the money. Seriously though, sites that make those kinds of claims are not at all what they claim to be. I’ll call it like I see it: most “get-rich-quick” sites are 100% scams. Wealthy Affiliate makes no such claims. They give you the tools you need to succeed, an amazing support network, and all the training you’d like but they cannot make you do the work…and it is work!

Nobody is going to just hand you money. You have to earn it. However, if a disabled, stay at home veteran with a fixed income can make this work, there is hope for just about anyone. This program is perfect for stay at home moms, disabled veterans, like myself, and anyone that can dedicate the time and effort necessary to make it work. Is it for everyone? I’m sure that there are people that this just isn’t going to work for.

However, you won’t know if it will work for you unless you give it a shot. Again, signing up is 100% free. They do not ask for a credit card number to try to sneak some hidden fees from you. It is, legitimately, one of the best programs I have seen. I was skeptical too. I saw a review very similar to what I’m telling you today and thought that there had to be a twist or some kind of scam going on. I enrolled with zero intention of committing more than a week of my time. After I saw all the wonderful benefits, I signed up as premium on my second day.


Sign up today for $0. That’s right, absolutely free! If you do not like the program, feel free to tell me all about the things you do not like about them below. As a bonus, if you DO try it out, and you DO like it and sign up as a PREMIUM member within the first 7 days (it took me one day of looking around to decide! Seriously, they are that good!) I can offer you an amazing bonus on your first month of membership. Plus you get access to me, personally, mentoring you through your first steps in creating an amazing website that will, with a little bit of work on your part, have you selling in no time!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below!

Stay Succulent, friends!


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